Surprised with Mahela's comments, while denying them my top priority now is the WC – Mathews


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  1. This is not the time for this. I even saw Sanga criticizing Sri Lanka preparation openly. What he and MJ say may true but they shouldn’t do it openly. So sad to hear that even our own fans say “Sri Lanka will not win a single gam”… Thanks for those guys to boost up our teams moral. I sincerely hope SL come good and surprise us all. To say I don’t like the team they selected and what SLC is doing.

  2. SLC is corrupt to its core .So I see where mahela is coming from .But they really dont need to say these things to our current players right now , which would invariably dent their confidence right before the WC .I hope everyone remembers how we were fully against everything that ranatunga used to say when mahela and sanga were at that WC final . Now these guys are doing the same thing to this group of players .Just like I wanted it for mahelas team back then , now I just want to see mathews and the rest of the team to break their shackles and stun everyone and stick it to all these pricks who butt in with their two cents to dent players confidence , and especially guys like harsha bhogle .Come on SL .We are with you all the way. Lets bring this one home !

  3. Silly Point, well said bro. Nothing is more sweeter than sticking up to this pricks including some our own like Stromy by proving them wrong. I don’t care about past performance, we are here now and lets hope our team will make us all proud.
    Viva la Vida Lanka!!

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