Official Sri Lanka Test squad for series in South Africa


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  1. World’s Bottom ranked Test Opening FAILURE KAUSHAL SILVA…. in Test Squad again to tour SA….????

    What has he done to gain a GRATIS Spot again in the squad like this again ??

    Didn’t he manage to scratch only a HORRIBLE 41 runs @ 10.25 Av, wasting all 4 Test Innings as Opener Vs Eng, just TWO Months ago in Nov 2018 ? What has he done to gain this kind of chances in the National Team? Selectors must be out of their mind or What ???

    The two series he played & doomed before that are no different… 67 runs @ 16 Av from 4 innings Vs Pak & scratching just 117 runs @ 19 Av from playing 6 innings in previous Series in SA…!

    Just Look at Kaushal Silva’s overall career AVERAGE 26…. even after playing 40 Tests over 8 yrs … This guy is the – WORLD”S BOTTOM RANKED – Worst Test Opener during the 8 yr period since his debut to date. WHY WASTE more chances on already tried & PROVEN Failure like this, never deserved to be even in an A-team, let alone the national test team.

    Since 2016 , already WASTED 30 Test innings on this useless match sinker to yield a miserable……… 695 runs @ 23 AVERAGE.! Is this record good enough to get selected even to a domestic level mediocre club XI… ? let alone giving more chances as the Nation’s Test Opener..

    His last 50+ score was in 2016 Oct and for EIGHTEEN INNINGS since then there was not a single 50 produced by this guy batting as Opener and just 3 x 50 & 1 x 100 in past 30 innings over past 3 yrs!

    SELECTORS must be certainly out of their mind to give 33 yr old, never improved Kaushal Silva more chances to waste.! Being an Old Thomian doesn’t warrant him a place in the Test squad like this, without producing anything at all to justify his selection, to represent the whole Nation, repeatedly like this, while there are million times better choices available to Open among overlooked seniors & never explored excitingly talented youngsters .!!!

    Mark my word today… certainly this Opener Kaushal Silva will miserably fail again upfront to mess up the forthcoming Test series in SA & SL will Never go forward with this kind of merit-less, illogical selections!

  2. Well said mate yeah six million dollar question his style of play suitable for domestic slow paced wickets but can he survive bouncy S A wickets with raw pace odd Steyin , Rabada, surgeon Philander, Oliver, if fit Nigiti and Pholukwayo hope selectors knows better let’s see pray they are right just 2 test with 4 innings ok then they have selected Dimuth Karunarathne,Edirimanna( hope name is right ),Kaushal Silva, and in a brilliant form Oshada Fernando hope Mr Asantha De Mel just like Jayasoriya, Labrooy you will not dump Oshada if he does not get a chance to play after the tour. As U already dumped Sadeera Samarawickrama after Aussie tour hope u have reasons to drop him like his discipline or he is not good enough for bouncy SA pitches.Mate we are watching you we are not stupid sleeping fans when we say or do criticism it’s based on constructive on real facts we comments cause WE LOVE SL PRIDE. So All the Very Best present Sports Minister TRUST U A LOT please do the needful
    God Bless You’ll

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