New strategy for Spin Bowling

I believe we should try innovative thinking patterns in our spin bowling.
It seems, there wouldn’t be much spin in Dubai pitches and strategies are below:

1. Spin Bouncers – If we are able to bowl spin bouncers once in the over we are able to create doubt in the batter’s mind to avoid come down the track and on rever sweepings.
2. Wide Spin Yorkers – Along with spin bouncer, if we can deliver some wide spin yorkers, we may strict batters and pick some dot balls
3. Bowling leg stump line – This can be expensive, but with the above 2 options (Spin wide yorker, bouncer) and right field setting this could take wickets

Final bowling strategy with all the above points:
1. Leg stump line bowling – will eliminate the offside run-scoring options (only open wicket shots/Reverse sweeps)
2. IF batter tries Open wicket shot or Reverse sweeps – bowl wide yorker or Spin bouncer
Note: I prefer to start the over with a Spin bouncer which creates uncertainty in the batter’s mind for the rest of the balls.


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