Headingley looking an absolute dream ahead of SL v Eng!


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  1. *my brain says*
    If Sri Lanka beats England today , It will be the 8th world wonder .
    Yes, ever so unpredictable pakistan beat them .But heres the thing , they have so many in form batsmen who bat well on a daily basis (imam,babar,hafeez,sarfraz) .Who do we have ?
    Yes, we posted 360 odd against ENGLAND in Sri Lanka .But that was a dead rubber .Plus the batsmen who played well over there are not here ( Dikka , Chandi and even shanaka )
    And pakistan had to use every single drop of their top quality bowling attack to beat England ( Amir, Riaz ,Hasan)

    Who do we have ? A lazy pot bellied 125kmph malinga ? Who still manages to do a bit well at the death but is as ineffective as the other bowlers at the start , but however seems to still be thinking “Im still the best ” and doesnt seem to be showing any signs of team spirit towards his teammates but is only there to prove a point .
    And pradeep who is pretty good initially if there is a bit of seam movement around but is absolutely horrendous with his death bowling and has always been a nervous cricketer who can be easily put under pressure .
    And Lakmal who is a absolutely great test match bowler but who really isnt suited to ODI bowling .He is okay whilst theres a bit of swing with the new ball , but since it disappears quickly with the white ball it doesnt last long enough for him to make an impact .Plus he is horrible with his lines and lengths almost every time he starts a new spell and is a complete disaster at the death .I doubt anyone needs to know how thisara is with the ball ? Anyone whos been watching cricket knows how much of a run leaking machine hes been of late .Only plus I see is Isuru Udana and the energy , commitment and passion he brings into the team .All 11 players need to grow that exact same attitude if we are to compete . But unfortunately guys like malinga will never have it at this stage in his career
    .He still seems to be dillusionally thinking hes a champion for defending 9 off that last over in the IPL .well ,he executed his skills for 6 balls , but the rest of that match he was a absolute disaster . He gave away a boatload of runs and he dropped that catch and wouldve been in the headlines saying , “old warhorse malinga costs Mumbai the IPL ” .Malinga is a heavily talented cricketer but his attitude has never been correct .He is probably sri lankas best ODI fast bowler of all time along with Vaas, but however credit should also go to the captains and coaches and seniors he played under who managed him well and kept him in check .But now since hes the most senior, all that has gone down the drain and though he is still the most effective bowler we have , his attitude drops down the entire team as a whole .

  2. We should stop judging our players quality according to how they fare against low quality teams like afghanistan(batting line up) and scotland . I dont see any of our batsmen capable of scoring a match winning century any time soon .Its not the mentality that really needs to be changed , I feel its a bit of a mentality change but a whole lot of an attitude and body language change that is needed and that will come with proper selections .And with this bowling line up and horrible batting lineup and disastrous fielding and lethargic cowardly body language in the field , HOW COULD WE POSSIBLY BEAT ENGLAND ?

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