Letter: Sports minister orders to advertise for all expired contracts at SLC


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  1. Great work of Harin. That’s the only way to stop “Thilanga’s Drama” of extending the contract of a useless and non performing past cricketer Asanka Gurusingha who is such an incompetent officer in SLC administration. We as cricket fans should appreciate this kind of work which will only help to remove the corrupt policies of Thilanga which only destroys the credibility of the SLC. Same comment applies to Hathurusingha’s case who is another favorite of Thilanga.

  2. As there is no proper constitution in the SLC and Thilanga is still doing everything like a dictator, Harin has to be involved to stop this kind of work until the new constitution will be implemented and a new set of administrators are appointed.

  3. Mr Deepa D, Are you genuinely in supportive of Thilanga’s corrupt administrative policies in SLC? Until the new constitution is approved (as initiated by Harin) this is the only way our minister can help to stop the dictatorship ruling of Thilanga in the SLC. Have you heard about appointing Sachitra (who does not have any credential to be a Spin Bowling Coach of SLC) yesterday by Thilanga just because he has lot of connections with Sachitra’s father ? Beside we have much much better candidates (such as Murali & Rangana) than Sachitra.

    This letter was issued (at the right moment) by Harin to stop appointing, Asanka Gurusingha and Sachitra without following any correct procedure by Thilanga.

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