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  1. Childish I am afraid and the kind of thing that can get us trapped in what we hopefully got out of – never ending changes looking for a wining formula that has seen us reach the bottom of the pile. Lets for one moment say things were rosy under Dimuth – but we are at the bottom of the pile so not matter what is put up for life under Dimuth, unless the objective to run last, its not a plan.

    I have nothing against Dimuth, in fact I thought he brought some stability to the team and top order but the blunt reality is we need to compete against the Rohith Sharma’s, David Warner’s and Josh Buttler’s of this world and Dimuth, Chandi and Mathews are not going to do it as they have just demonstrated over the past 5 years.

    Time to move to a new formula and I am not suggesting we have this new formula now, but its time to move.