Radella Cricket Stadium

The forgotten Sri Lankan venue.
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  1. This is for those who are
    This is for those who are talking about constructing new Stadiums. This ground is one of the the oldest grounds in Sri Lanka & the climate around the ground is somewhat similar to the conditions we normally face in New Zealand,England & South Africa. If SLC can take initiatives to improve the facilities of this ground, that will be a boosting for emerging players around the area & SLC.(

  2. When was this photo taken?
    When was this photo taken? Last time I saw this place it was a wreck. Watched its only international game ( I believe) V NZ way back in the day. The only problem I see with the venue is rain so it can only be used in the season but well worth a venue that can be made in to a seam friendly wicket.

  3. @Stormy, actually I have
    @Stormy, actually I have taken these images by googling but they seem to be not that old, are they?

    Yes you are correct,this venue has hosted for a first class match between Sri Lanka and New Zealand in 1984.

    Weather condition
    This ground is situated in Radella area which belongs to Nuwara Eliya District where the dry season starts from December and lasts till April During this time period,the rainfall considerably lower at around 92mm and temperature highs of around 21oC. Even when you travel New Zealand in December, you will experience similar kind of temperature (

    Apart from that, I have attached two small video clips of a domestic match which held in 2012 which indicates that the cricket is being played in this ground ( & (

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