Zimbabwe Cricket suspended following ICC Annual Conference

“We do not take the decision to suspend a Member lightly, but we must keep our sport free from political interference,” said ICC chairman Shashank Manohar. “What has happened in Zimbabwe is a serious breach of the ICC Constitution and we cannot allow it to continue unchecked. The ICC wants cricket to continue in Zimbabwe in accordance with the ICC Constitution.”


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  1. About time the ICC stood up to the nonsense that is Zim cricket admin and surely the same needs to apply to SLC. After all the Minister has just asked all coaches to resign. I don’t want to get suspended but I am not sure what else will get these politicians out of SLC. Take the money and status out and there will be no politician in sight.

  2. I think time is running out for Harin Fernando who promised so many things to clean SLC from the corrupt, incompetent elements as well as politicians who have ruined the whole cricket system in the country. Sports Minister must come up with the latest update on the proposed rectification measures with a time frame for implementation, immediately before the ICC will do the same thing for SLC.

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