Why Sri Lanka cricketers break down often

Injuries have plagued the Sri Lanka national cricket team over the past five years. No single individual can be blamed for this state of affairs. Rather, it is the failure of the system to ensure that the efforts of all stakeholders are synergised into one comprehensive plan that will result in the prevention of injuries and the maximisation of the performance of the team.

While the poor scheduling and timing of the Lanka Premier League (LPL) could be one reason for the spate of injuries on the South African tour, the problem lies deeper than that.

The excuse that players did not have enough training due to COVID-9 is a poor one, since other countries such as England, South Africa, New Zealand and even Pakistan, seemed well conditioned for their tours despite being worse hit by the pandemic than Sri Lanka. Players getting injured is inevitable in any sport but when injury rates are as high as what has been experienced over the past five years there is clearly a problem with the overall training programme…

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