Why Sri Lanka are struggling for quality spinners

Why Sri Lanka are lacking in wicket-taking bowlers is two-fold. One is that the pitches prepared for domestic matches favour the spinners so much that they are hardly asked to work for their wickets. They get wickets simply on a platter and when confronted with flat tracks they lack the skill and the wherewithal to take wickets and become cannon fodder for batsmen […] It was only the other day chairman of selectors Ashantha de Mel queried the rationality of Malinda Pushpakumara taking all ten wickets in an innings in a spell of 18.4 overs having opened the bowling from one end in a Major league first-class match between CCC and Saracens. In the same match another left-arm spinner Chamika Edirisinghe from the opposing camp picked up nine in an innings. “If you can take all ten wickets in an innings you must be an exceptionally good spinner but against England he was struggling to get wickets on those turners,” said De Mel…

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  1. Makes no sense that we are struggling to find quality spinners who can perform at international level. Doesn’t help that the last two youngsters have been called for chucking. Was alarming how ineffective Pushpakumara looked at the few tests he has played yet is a destroyer at domestic level. Even more alarming is that Eng and NZ are producing young effective spinners that are our batters cannot face.

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