Why can’t we win anymore? What should we do?

Do you know the biggest reason for our recent failure in the limited overs format in Cricket? After all, we have found ourselves a good captain who has earned the respect of his teammates, someone who performs consistently at the top. We also have a dashing opening batsman who can destroy any bowling attack in the form of Kusal Perera. We have a batsman who can bowl more than five overs, a fast bowler who can bat relatively well and two death bowlers who can trouble any batsman. So why can’t we still win any matches?

 We at Cricketry Sri Lanka think that it is the inability of the…


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  1. Good article with some valid points. Unfortunately, chances of any changes post world cup are very slim. I won’t be surprised to see players like Thiri and Thisara hanging around in 2023 wc. One of the biggest problems with this squad is mentality. Refusing to do media duties because a reporter asked few awkward questions in the previous press conference is simply pathetic. Can you imagine ranathunga or Mahela doing that? We never had 11 World class players but we did have 11 fighters… These lot need to man up. They are professional cricketers that get paid well to play cricket. It’s about time they show some pride.

  2. Playing our favorite game here as SLC fans – lets start putting together a list of players who are not here and assume they would miraculously perform. The reality is we have tried and tested ALL possible players including captains and coaches (and different selection committees) since the last WC and have been beaten silly by all comers including Zim at home!

    It’s time to stop fooling our selves with the notion that somehow we have some hidden talent or that repeat failures are suddenly going to be world beaters. After all isn’t it ironic that Dimuth last played in the 2015 WC which was also a poor selection. We dropped KJP for the 2015 but picked Jeewan Mendis.

    Interesting point on Eng and Ind and the 2015 situation. The first thing is both cricket Boards went about a plan to restructure the local cricket set up to improve their games. Eng replaced low striker rate batters with stroke makers (wonder where they got this idea from?). India ripped up rank tuners and turned them in to seaming tracks improving their pace attack and the ability of their batters to cope with pace. While SLC stole and looted and replaced coaches and selection committees wondered what would possible happen!

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