‘We played Sri Lanka, you were playing Hathurusingha’

Tamim started smiling at Mushfiqur’s reply and said: “My friend, you are not saying the right thing. It’s not because of Sri Lanka. Yes, Bangladesh were playing Sri Lanka, but you were playing Hathurusingha.”

Tamim then explained: “Actually it’s not just you but all of us. I’m sure you are not saying things from a negative sense either. It’s how he [Chandika] left and how we wanted to defeat him in a sporting sense and not from a sense of anger since Hathurusingha is there,” Tamim said.

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  1. Both SL and Bangladesh mishandled Hathu and probably is a fair example of why top class coaches are reluctant to join SL. Having said that we have Micky with SL and lets hope that goes the distant but my money is on some political idiot forcing an agenda which eventually leads to Mickey leaving. Put it this way, it will take someone special to resign with SLC. Do we have any?