‘We have to clear our name from cricket corruption’

Newly appointed Minister of Sports Harin Fernando stated that the biggest issue Sri Lanka cricket was facing is that they have been named as the number one country for corruption and priority should be given to get the country’s name cleared of it. The Minister made these remarks at a media conference held at SLC headquarters after he had made a official visit to the headquarters yesterday.

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  1. Another thief in the name of a politician and another set of of nonsense to loot SLC is under way. We had the same under the previous chap – all good intentions but like so many before him, just cheap talk. This guy has one better in Sanga and Mahela who have already told us what the issue is, a long time ago. If the honorable man still doesn’t get it, the issue is that he thinks he is the solution while he is the problem. So please get out of the game and take your 147 votes with you and leave the game in the hands of experts which you (and all politicians) are not.