Was Bhanuka managed wrongly by SLC medics?

Once Sri Lanka white-ball top-order batsman Bhanuka Rajapaksa was omitted from the India Twenty20 International (T20I) series on Monday (21), the cricket authorities, particularly the national selection committee, had allegedly found fault with the Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) medical staff for mismanaging the health situation of the player.

Later, fans too joined them in accusing the SLC medics of being too rigid and harsh in applying their illogical and high-handed fitness tests since last year only to unsettle the careers of some useful national players.

Is the SLC medical staff mismanaging Rajapaksa, putting the batter in unnecessary fitness specimen?

“No. Those are baseless allegations. We have done all the necessary tests on Rajapaksa. We still expect him to get through those tests soon and enter the national side,” said Prof. Arjuna de Silva who heads the SLC medical team yesterday (23), talking to The Morning Sports.

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