Warnapura and Seelarathna Thera to contest Sri Lanka Cricket election

Sri Lanka’s first Test Captain Bandula Warnapura yesterday handed over his nomination for the post of Vice-President from the K. Mathivanan Camp ahead of Sri Lanka Cricket’s (SLC’s) elections which will be held on May 20.

This is the first time that Warnapura has decided to contest for the cricket elections.

Meanwhile, Ven. Battaramulle Seelarathna Thera handed over his nomination to contest for the post of Vice-President. This is the first time that a Venerable has submitted nominations for the SLC election.

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  1. When Mendis scores zeros (or anyone for that matter) we drop him but when it comes SLC officials, there appears to be no accountability or repercussions for poor performance or looting.

    Some of these officials in the running presided over SLC for years looting millions, building meaningless stadiums and mishandling lucrative broadcasting rights by shamelessly awarding them to related companies. Besides all this cricket itself under these people is at rock bottom but still they are allowed to run.

    It’s a bit like selecting a guy who averages in the mid 20’s repeatedly for the test team year in year out….but wait that is what SLC does! No wonder the office bearers can keep looting, destroying the game but keep coming back.

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