“There is something rotten in the State of Denmark”

The writer was reminded of the above lines in Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, when a palace guard Marcellus, speaking to Horatio, having seen the ghost of the dead king walking over the palace walls made these memorable lines. Much the same seems to be happening in our local Cricket Board. Players are dropped/picked willy-nilly in a most authoritative manner.

This phenomenon appears to be nothing new. A few decades ago there was a Hitlerian cricket administrator, a former national player himself – albeit with a dubious school background as well – and who had the last word in picking/dropping players as he wished, and there was no one to cross swords with this person since he had a lot of political influence. Finally, due to complaints made by the players themselves, and the Minister to save face,‘Hitler’ was ‘sacked’ and replaced by another Manager.

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  1. This Hitler has full backing of a legend [ who became a complete batsman only into his last 4 years of his Caree. At the start, was a batsman of limited strokes whose batting had no effect, on the end result ] that wants his close buddy to be a permenent member instead of Chandimal [ Best Schoolboy Cricketer 2009 ],RoshenS [complete bat with all strokes in the book, from schooldays ],Asela Gunarathna[complete bat with all strokes in the book ] Bhanuka Rajapaksha[ Best Schoolboy Cricketer 2010 &2011 ], Sadeera [ Best Schoolboy Cricketer 2014 ], CharithAsalanka [ Best Schoolboy Cricketer 2015 & 2016, Best Player of the Asia’s Emerging players’ Tournament 2017 ] PathumNissanka [ complete bat with all strokes in the book, from schooldays ]& AshenBandara [ complete bat with all strokes in the book, from schooldays ]. Discriminations that Chandimal [ & others such as Samaraweera, MalindaP, SachithraS, AjanthaM ] had to undergo during the captaincy of this dirty legend was immense the both the legend and another former average-player cum commentator do not have any liking for Chandimal from the beginning of his outstanding career. Skillwise both Samaraweera & Chandimal stands miles ahead that of the legend. At the outset this legend’s place was made permenent by 2 selectors from Panadura & Kurunegala to cover up their mischievous acts to accommodate henchmen from their hometowns. This legend helped the incompetent unqualified selectors of last 2 decades to spoil careers of 5 great players produced by our country in the recent times namely: Chandimal Samaraweera, MalindaP, SachithraS, AjanthaM and on the verge of ruining careers of other youngsters as well.

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