The best is yet to come!

MCC President Kumar Sangakkara

Kumar Sangakkara has played many a fine inning in his time. They have spanned across every notable playing field and every nook and cranny worth knowing on the cricket map. They have stretched across all types of the game – from Tests to ODIs, to the T20s. In each of them, his performances have won him accolades from men of discernment. Be it with bat or lip, he has made his mark. His opponents know only too well how fiendishly difficult it is to match him – be it at play or at his lip and intellect, either singly or in combination.

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  1. Yep what a player he was and we keep forgetting that he kept wickets in limited overs cricket while notching up that sensational batting record. He was a great player and this is a huge recognition of the great man to be given this role. So SLC couldn’t find a role for Sanga yet the MCC could.

    Yes I am sure the morons at SLC will say “but we offered him a role and he didn’t take it” and blame Sange for not being patriotic and that’s exactly the point isn’t it. Some idiotic politician will make this statement about a man who played over 100 tests for his country and not willing to join a corrupt regime while a thieving politician will question a true patriots commitment!

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