'That is One Area Where Sri Lanka & Pakistan Are Slightly Lagging Behind India'

Former Pakistan skipper Inzamam-ul-Haq is known to speak his mind, more so on the current situation of Pakistan cricket. Once again, he has thrown light on what separates India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

“Until 2010, there was intense competition among these three teams. But over the last 10-12 years, India has improved its game immensely and has certainly gone ahead of Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The credit goes to the IPL for sure, but I must admit that India has focused a lot on its first-class cricket structure and that has played a huge role in its development,” Inzamam told the Hindu.

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  1. Yes agreed totally with Imzy although Pakistan have produced world class match winners through total chaos including without international cricket for years! SL totally missed the boat and as they said, you don’t need to invent the wheel (India did that!), you just need to be smart enough to use the wheel – which is where SLC were totally poor. Not surprisingly what SLC did really well was loot all the cash in the meantime.

    How many years have we (ok we don’t count) and all experts in SL being saying that we need to do something about local cricket. I mean this is going back 10 years this was being said. We have noticed the lack of talent (yes I know there are still folks saying there is talent everywhere despite lounging at the bottom of the pile) from years. Even when Chandi and Thiri came in to the scene all those years as the next ‘Sanga and Mahela’ they lacked the technical competence of say when younger talent before them.

    Anyway we did nothing and continue to do nothing about local cricket and administration and guess more pain awaits. I can’t think of deeper pain that this but apparently there is more to come.