‘Test cricket should be played in the traditional way’ — Tillakaratne Dilshan

“I don’t think you should play Day-Night. Test cricket should be played only in daylight and in full whites, without numbers on the back. That’s a personal view. We should keep it simple. It’s the main format,” Dilshan said on the sidelines of the Road Safety World Series on Thursday.

“I feel Test cricket should be played in the traditional way, just like the gentleman’s game,” he said.

He also believes that Test cricket has ‘definitely been impacted’ with the advent of T20s.

“Early on in my career, we used to play a lot of one-dayers besides Test cricket. Some countries have now reduced number of Test matches to make way for more T20 and ODIs, so it has affected Tests, but ICC should push Test cricket more,” Dilshan, who played 87 Tests for Sri Lanka, said.


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  1. This is the personal view of Dilshan and there are lot of retired cricketers who think on the same lines. I think they wouldn’t agree to apply any aspect of T 20 games to test matches (even if they are non cricket reasons that would attract more crowds).

    There are many aspects in white ball formats which can be introduced wisely to prevent test matches from getting zero spectator attention (which is also a big negative aspect in providing live TV coverage to test matches).

    But if you watch the current T 20 matches and some test matches played by India and few other nations (probably Aus & England) lot of transformation is being taking place in Test matches especially in the batting.

    10 years back in a test match hardly we could see a six scored in a single day. Average days score was 250 /270 runs in 90 overs. 300 runs in a day was a super top score. But India’s specialist opening batsmen as well as middle order batsmen are scoring big sixes and scoring runs at astonishing SRs like more than 70/80% which never happened earlier. Isn’t it more interesting to watch a match like that rather than watching a boring test match of Dilshan’s era. Come on Dilshan think it in a more positive mind set.

    Therefore these days 350 to 400 runs are scored in a day (av 100/120 runs in one session). During the last 2 test matches India played with SA they scored 500 to 600 runs in 5 sessions. India is using their IPL experience very successfully in Test matches. This is to make test matches more interesting to the spectators. That will also make way for live TV coverage of every test match which never happened in the past.

    So changing the player uniforms, scoring more sixes & fours by specialist batsmen (but not the lower order bowling all rounders who are only sloggers ) shouldn’t be a problem. Even day night matches where more people can come & watch a test match after work.

    All out of cricket issues like changing uniform colors, giving numbers, introducing night cricket are all done to make test cricket more attractive as well as getting more crowds to the stadiums which in turn will attract more sponsors to promote live TV coverage. Being a Sri Lankan I will be so happy to see some crowds in our test matches played in SL as at present all the test matches are played absolutely in empty stadiums.

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