Shame Sri Lanka Cricket is not doing enough to help Pakistan — Arjuna Ranatunga

Arjuna Ranatunga

“I am sure the public statements by our officials must be upsetting Pakistan. They are doing their best to bring cricket back into the country and statements like these doesn’t help their cause. As a former captain, I must congratulate PCB for the excellent show they put up during our recent visit,” Ranatunga said when contacted by The Island.

“All what I can tell the PCB is that don’t take what officials over here say too seriously. Neither do they understand the game nor what security is.”

“Despite representing the country for 19 years, I couldn’t play 100 Test matches. Aravinda played on for 20 years and still ended up with 93 Tests. The reason being during our prime, we received little opportunities. Not many teams toured Sri Lanka in 1980s due to the war. We suffered enough and we know what it means to be deprived of playing cricket at home.”

“We see Pakistan suffering the same fate and we all must try and help them out. It’s a shame that SLC is not doing enough to help PCB. People running the game at present perhaps do not know how much Pakistan helped us during our early days.”

“Whatever the disagreements you have, that should have been addressed in private. You shouldn’t be running down another country and that too a friendly nation like Pakistan,” Rantunga went onto add.

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  1. Well said Arjuna. This is the rightway to look at the problem I suppose. Not to complain Pakistan authorities on lack of time allowed to spend on social activities or getting “fed up” in spending more time in the hotel as commented by SLC president.

    I think the sports minister should make an apology statement to the Pakistan cricket board for the unwanted comment made by Shammie de Siva.

    Most probably Bangladesh will make a full tour to Pakistan very soon. If SL delay the test matches to see the outcome of BD tour, all the good work done by SL with regard to making a tour to PK which all Pakistani citizens really appreciated and enjoyed, will be forgotten by them.

    Therefore something has to be done by the sports minister ASAP. He should also discuss this issue with the Security Personal in the govt, Players and the Supporting staff and decide whether we can play the two matches in Pakistan in December as planned earlier.

    Also it will be necessary for the Test matches also to have the same level of security measures provided for the recent tour.

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