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Start winning games rather than complaining – Aravinda de Silva

Sri Lanka Cricket Technical Committee official Aravinda de Silva

Former Sri Lanka Captain and incumbent Cricket Committee Chairman, Aravinda de Silva said that there is nothing to complain or grumble at the newly proposed annual players’ contracts.

“The Committee has been very fair to them by infusing additional benefits than before, which is on a performance-based scheme, de Silva told the Daily News yesterday.

“We discussed this matter in depth before we presented it to the players. Unlike in the past, we have increased the benefits three-fold (300%) than what it was but purely on the team’s performance.”

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  1. What has become of Aravinda? Has he lost his mind? No one will continue to work for a company that suddenly cuts your salary by half and issues a commission structure to replace base income. We will lose a lot of talent. Another nail in the coffin.

  2. Lets put it this way – we could not continue the way we did in the past as that got us to the bottom of the pile. So unless the objective is to keep losing, we need a change and what better than a performance based payment structure. Obviously the guys who have been getting hammered but kept getting paid are never going to be happy with it but if the outcome is guys playing to win and getting rewarded handsomely for it – I am all for it.

    My only request is why are we not pushing the changes to the administration? It is the admin that created the issues but yet keeps getting paid and elected with no checks and balances.