Sri Lanka’s likely schedule for Super 12 : First game Bangladesh

Scotland and Bangladesh have qualified for the Super 12 of ICC T20 world cup 2021 today.

Scotland topped the Group B by winning all three games while Bangaladesh became the 2nd team to qualify with two wins.

Scotland will now join the Group 2 of the Super 12 as B1 while Bangaladesh will join Group 1 as B2.

In Group A Sri Lanka have already qualified for the next round with almost securing the top position in the group even if Netherlands wins the last game.

It’s highly unlikely that either Namibia or Ireland can get close to Sri Lanka’s higher net run rate.

Sri Lanka’s likely schedule if finished in as A1 in Group A as expected.

Sri Lanka Vs Bangladesh 24th October, 3.30 PM in Sharjah
Sri Lanka Vs Australia 28th October, 7.30 PM in Dubai
Sri Lanka Vs South Africa 30th October, 3.30 PM in Sharjah
Sri Lanka Vs England 1st November, 7.30 PM in Sharjah
Sri Lanka Vs West Indies 4th November, 7.30 PM in Abu Dhabi

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