Sri Lankan lawyer says DRS his ‘brainchild’ and seeks credit from ICC, turns to Sangakkara for help

In August 2008, Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) made a submission to the ICC on behalf of Weeraratne with a folder full of contributions he made to various newspapers across the world.

However, without identifying the author of the system or giving him credit for ‘Player–Referral’ in cricket, the ICC ran trials in November that year before adapting the same in all three formats of the game–Tests, ODI and T20s

Weeraratne has since fought for justice but to no avail. It is for this reason he decided to seek the support of the Sri Lanka Government and Sangakkara.

“I am the author of the ‘Player-Referral concept,” he wrote to Sangakkara. “I have been battling for recognition of my contribution for nearly 15 years–ever since ICC decided to incorporate UDRS within the laws of cricket. The foundation of the UDRS constitute my brainchild. There’s no one to challenge me on this as I have all the evidence to support and establish this fact.”

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