Sri Lanka should share financial burden if they want Pakistan to play in UAE – PCB

Pakistan Cricket Board

The PCB is not willing to bear the expenses of hosting another home series in the United Arab Emirates and wants Sri Lanka Cricket to share the financial burden if it decides not to tour Pakistan for the two-Test rubber in December.

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  1. Wow! So much for good friends. Have they tried the same trick with the rich boards like Aus or Eng? So no one tours Pakistan but we are good enough to make a limited overs tour and the way they repay us is with a threat and invoice.

  2. All these unecessary issues crop up due to uncapable SLC. Why i keep on critical about SLC for very long time may b from 2008 there is lack of far thinking people and it has effected cricket in all area’s.
    For sometime may around 11 years people crave to b in charge of SLC for its prestige ,it’s income, they do all other things but not for cricket, cause of this we are getting humilated by other Cricket boards and ICC tagged SL with corruption.
    When people likes of Ana Punchihewa, Sidath Wettumuny, Renzie Wijethilake ran SLC they served properly, honestly with great results never had issue’s like these.
    So SLC needs guidance as they try to run it as a CLUB.

  3. @Stormy don’t forget srilanka cricket chief also didn’t express friendship with Pakistan on his return. Aus or eng are not friends of pcb but pcb has said that next series with these boards will also be played on home soil. So, don’t be upset, you pretend like Indians who are at cold war with Pakistan now a days in every field