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Sri Lanka players agree to resolve contracts issue after England tour

Sri Lanka players agree to resolve contracts issue after England tour

Sri Lanka’s national cricket team players have agreed to sign the tour declaration and participate in the upcoming England series, according to sources.

The annual contracts issue is to be resolved after the England tour, the source said.

Sri Lanka players had refused to sign tour contracts for England amid an ongoing tussle with the board over an alleged lack of transparency in the central contracts.

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  1. It is reported the players opposed to the proposed scheme which also accords 10% each for leadership, professionalism, and future potential/adaptability. However this should be a must, credit to the technical committee for including it. Bhanuka was daft accusing the board in the media not giving him captaincy to show leadership skills. You don’t have to be the captain ,you can show it on the field for instance. Lazily, lethargically moving about in the field, your demeanor on the field, very important .In the recent series it was well heard Kusal Perera urging players to move fast in between overs. Some players looked disinterested what is going around. We lost two points very disappointingly in the WI for lethargy. Points should be given to players who the captain mentions as who support him. Should commend the technical committee for including this clause.

    • Giving points on things like leadership and potential and other subjective things is not a fair system. You may think a player has done well and deserves points but another observer will have a different opinion. Other teams are using data to make informed decisions but we are trying to treat grown men who are professional sportsmen like school children. This kind of foolish thinking is why Sri Lanka is heading towards becoming a failed state.

  2. Stats don’t give you a complete picture unfortunately, as you may already know. Their attitude & leadership skills are very important. Can you remember the spats between Thisara & Malinga, just for instance. Their stats may be very good. True different observers have different opinions, that’s why we have chosen a technical committee with respected persons, so we have to respect their decision. You say players behave as grown up men, no need for interference, just think of the above two players. Well for your last comment which country is not under the present circumstances?