Sri Lanka must wake up, says Sidath Wettimuny

Sidath Wettimuny

Sidath Wettimuny reckons his country’s cricket is reeling under poor administration. He emphasises, “The politics of cricket management has not brought out the best in our cricket. We have not nurtured our young talent at the 18, 19 and 23 age groups in a systematic way. We have lost a lot of good talent due to a lack of a good system.

“A lot of us (former players) have been insisting for the last 15-20 years that we must have a level which is better than club cricket, like your Ranji Trophy. But the people who are interested in the politics of the game have not worked to foster that system. We have a club-based voting system. To protect that voting system, no body has had the courage to make changes.”

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  1. SLC administration should have people like Sidath Wettumuny, who has served country as a disciplined, top class cricketer during his playing days where money was not the key and as a professional administrator who achieved results where SL flag was flying high.
    It’s a shame that lunatics ruining SL cricket.