Sri Lanka cricket team has left the airport discreetly after the Australian tour

After the disastrous Australian tour Sri Lankan fans, Media were expecting a media conference after the team’s arrival at the airport. Alas, that didn’t happen and the team has arrived in Sri Lanka discretely and left the airport discretely. After the highly successful Pakistan series, Sri Lankan fans had  lot of hopes of this tour…

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  1. Our chief selector is a failure in every aspect. How many times has he been a selector and thrown out? I think it is the Administration that is retarded to keep bringing him back and giving him the opportunity to destroy the players. Self confidence is a critical element in any sport and this idiot doesn’t seem to understand this element of the game. Please resign ….. u r a menace and a failure

  2. Two stupid tour selectors (Asantha & Malinga) messed up with the selection and changing batting positions of the first seven batsmen for the last two matches simply because both of them are so incompetent to handle such batsmen related issues. It’s the mistake of SLC not to appoint a team manager and a captain who have a good knowledge on batting (and batsmen) for this difficult tour. It’s a shame that Malinga was not even came for the presentation.

    I think both Asantha and Malinga should resign from the responsible positions they are holding, without further damaging the future of our T20 cricket which started to show some improvement after the success in Pakistan tour with a new captain and some new players and all should have been given continuity to perform properly in the right positions in Australia.