Sri Lanka Cricket – reflects the decadent country mindset!

Victory and defeat are a part and parcel of sporting events. So, there was no grave reason to cry about the result of the last test series in India. What produces tears however, was the abject manner in which the Sri Lanka team folded up within a space of three days. Captain Dimuth Karunaratne captured the ethos when he stuttered and muttered at the post-match interview, finally murmuring that our batters did not know when to attack or defend, rotate the strike and navigate the course of an innings. The bowlers came good up to a point and then lost their way.

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  1. So what are we saying? Even the ‘technical committee’ made up of the best we have are not going anywhere. Am I sensing a tone of even the TC appear to be doing much of the same looting at those before them by bringing in guys like Moody to build us castles in the sky? Lets face is folks, if the current TC under Namal cannot deliver, safe to say we have no hope and may as well hand over SLC to the clueless souls at Parliament and perhaps they could sharpen their looting skills.

    Ok rant done and here’s a thought. Firstly, if we don’t know what we are doing with our cricket, are we not capable of copying a strategy from someone who knows? Secondly, I feel what is lacking is a long term vision and ownership of SLC. Currently, what should be run much like a company is being run like our politicians run the country. Every time a few Minister come in, the previous plan is promptly destroyed and replaced with a new one – 5 cycles of this all you have is rich Politian’s but no cricket pl