Sports Minister presents ex-cricketers’ special proposal to the parliament

Sports Minister Harin Fernando presented the special constitution proposal for reform of Sri Lanka Cricket, which was prepared by former Sri Lanka cricketers Mahela Jayawardene, Kumar Sanagakkara, Roshan Mahanama and Sidath Wettamuny to the parliament today and later, he chaired a media briefing at Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment clarifying on the subject.

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  1. Big up to the honorable man if he can get this through and appeal to all the clubs and looters in parliament, please lets get this through once and for all and sort out our cricket. There will be no second opportunity and yes, unfortunately this means the meaningless 147 votes will take away some of relevance of these so called clubs and the politicians will need to move out of the game they know very little about, but on the plus side, we may end up producing world class performers all over again.