Sports Minister planning revolutionary changes to cricket

Sports Minister Harin Fernando yesterday said that he is looking forward to do some revolutionary changes in Sri Lanka Cricket together with the new board members who will be elected in the forthcoming election.

Minister Fernando also said that he does not want to interfere with SLC’s responsibilities and assured that he neither has personal or political agendas when dealing with issues related to SLC.

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  1. Sounds good….. but saying “Our present national coach was not allowed to execute his plans. Some people have disrupted his work..” cannot be right in reality. Certainly the head coach must be bluffing in this regard, since there was no one above him during past 12 months to do so, as everyone well aware of.

    It is a well known fact that Hathurusinghe was entrusted with supreme powers to dictate terms to everyone regarding the matters related to cricket, up until he was removed from selections, clipping his wings very recently, this year. Also we all know, there was no other coach in SL cricket history empowered with such executive powers to date.

    So simply he cannot point finger at others to deviate from his failure & sole responsibility as the supremely powered & heftily paid head coach.. for the steep degradation seen in performance standards during his 12 month tenure so far!

    So the obvious reality is; the probability of such interference from anyone to derail his work during past 12 months was absolutely Zero, since virtually there was no one above him to that.!

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