Sri Lanka Cricket to develop cricket facilities in Jaffna

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) officials visited visited a number of sites in Jaffna, and based on their visit have initiated plans to develop cricket in the Jaffna peninsula, which has long been neglected by the country’s cricket authorities.

SLC President Shammi Silva stated they will construct a cricket stadium in Mallakam with a turf wicket to play domestic cricket, and the investment will be in the region of Rs 20-25 million.

SLC also visited some of the schools in Jaffna to inspect the available facilities and improve the infrastructure.

Silva stated that they are going to provide turf wickets for Hindu College Jaffna, St. John’s College Jaffna and Central College Jaffna, while developing the overall ground conditions of St. Patrick’s College Jaffna, which already has a turf wicket.

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  1. I am all for supporting facilities in the North but shudder at the thought of SLC getting involved in anything to do with facilities as we all know the most likely outcome here is whole scale looting. We have two abandoned stadiums in Dambulla and Hambanthota – can someone remind me how many tests these two have hosted? How about we investigate who ran off with the cash.