Sri Lanka Cricket says funds to Galle CC held back until ‘disciplinary inquiry is over’

Sri Lanka secretary Mohan de Silva has said any payments that are still due to Galle CC will be completed when an ongoing probe into the club is completed.

“We actually decided to make the usual payments to Galle CC except the membership grant which has been held back until the disciplinary inquiry is over,” said De Silva.

“We pay about Rs. 11 million to the Tier B clubs out of that we are holding back Rs. 2.5 million which is given as a membership grant for member clubs,” he said.

“There are a lot of allegations against Gajaba Pitigala who has been involved in various wrong doings. There are two factions who are trading allegations against each other. They have written to the Sports Minister and the Ministry has requested us to conduct an initial inquiry. We have written to the club with regard to that and on the strength of the inquiry we will decide to make the remaining payment…

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