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Sri Lanka Cricket player contract saga: Spare a thought for the poor cricketers

Sri Lanka Cricket player contract

The high-handed manner in which the stand-off between Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) and the players was resolved has only compounded complications the country’s cricket is facing today.

There was a provisional truce reached prior to the English tour between the two parties to amicably settle the disagreements with transparency and goodwill. However, what has transpired since the team’s arrival is quite in contrast to what has unfolded.

After engineering several sinister manoeuvres to destroy the unity among the players, SLC has now taken the upper hand and refused to offer the cricketers central contracts for the year 2021.

This leaves the current batch of cricketer’s without a steady income to focus on their training and engagements in cricket. They will be entitled to only their tour fees and match fees, which is grossly unfair by any yardstick. This naturally is not the most sensible approach taken by the collective administrations of SLC and the Technical and Advisory Committee…

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  1. Can we just take a minute to focus on the SLC annual contract management part. Lets for one minute assume this was one of your Key Performance Indicators in your job – suffice to say most of us would have got sacked if we did the job SLC does but year in year out, this saga continues with no accountability of delivery or critically, any sort of improvement on the management process. This sort of poor and unacceptable service levels are usually only possible by politicians while the rest of us need to perform or pay price – except of course SLC!