Sri Lanka likely to completely overhaul coaching staff after Bangladesh tour

Sri Lanka Cricket is likely to completely overhaul the national team’s coaching staff following the side’s upcoming home ODIs against Bangladesh. The move, which had been mooted for some time, was all but confirmed after local media reported that Sri Lanka’s sports minister had demanded the resignation of all members of Sri Lanka’s coaching staff.

“We’re looking at that same line, but we (the board) will see what we can do when we come back. We first need to talk with the minister,” SLC president Shammi Silva, who is presently out of the country, stated when questioned on the minister’s demand.

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  1. If SLC is going to appoint and fire coaches, selectors based on minister’s favor, something is very wrong with SLC constitute. I strongly believe there is a huge influence from the current chief of selectors behind this move too. If SLC wants to terminate the contract of Hathurusinghe, they should pay the remainder upfront of his contract and release him without moving him to Women’s team or anything.

    In the current concept of SLC team management, what is the role of Hathurusinghe? He can’t select the players he wants to be in the squad, He can’t select the playing eleven from the selected squad because the team manager which happens to be the chief of selectors does the decision making for coach. In the end coach will sits there and gets fired for someone else mistakes.

  2. Harin Fernando is like a 2 year old playing with his toys .The laws are so corrupt if the sports minister can interfere in matters in this manner .He is just way too immature to be the sports minister of the country .All he is trying to do is get some attention and showcase his powers ,and its quite obvious that he doesnt care about the future of our cricket .

    If he really wanted to interfere with the sport in a good way and make a proper influence , he could have done the main thing which has been cried out for so many years by legendary sportsman in our country and take out the entire corrupt bunch of goats in SLC who play musical chairs during every election and appoint new , non corrupt candidates with proper cricketing knowledge and bring down this bullshit club structure that has been put in place with a view to gain votes in elections and stay in power and remove all those ‘bookiepalas’ and their henchmen from all SLC posts .

    But… that is not how Harin thinks .So he goes ahead and calls for the same bullshit game that has kept on going on and on to shift the entire blame onto the coaching staff or players or selectors instead of cleaning the system from the roots itself. Besides hathurusinghe , all these other coaches at present in the national side have only been working with the team for a few months and are quite reputable coaches like jon lewis and steve rixon so this is a really unfair and bullshit and immature call by the sports minister to say the least .