SLC Invitational T20 League August: Details announced

Sri Lanka Cricket will conduct an Invitational T20 League with the participation of topmost National and First-Class Cricketers as part…

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  1. A very good initiative by the SLC to bring all the players who are now out of the focus to be active before selection. Therefore it is imperative the SLC will sort out the contract issue amicably with all the players before that & involve them in this tournament. Otherwise it will be an useless effort & just waste of resources. We need a strong team to send to world cup not the weak team that won recently. The world cup teams won’t be like Indian C team. You can then pick the right team & the right captain after this tournament.

  2. Before finalizing the contract issue SLC has to do so many things to sort out player performance categorization which is the most important phase now. In white ball two categories (both ODI & T20) SLC will have the best of opportunities to screen out some test players who can lift their performances to be able to satisfy the white ball requirements. For an example players like Mathews, Chamdimal and Dimuth have to improve their batting Strike Rates (and come down on initial dot ball percentages) and score more boundaries etc etc. So its a good and important challenge for every senior player who were not considered for the recent serieses.

    Without sorting out the capabilities for the white ball I dont think SLC is foolish to offer any central contract to any undeserved player. The best time to finalize and offer central contracts is after this Invitational League and South African series I think. Then SLC will be able finalize the best 30 players for the white ball format.

  3. The essence of the matter here is all the fit national players should be available for this tournament for Mickey & the selectors to choose the right team. Whether they sign a contract or not for us least concerned. The point is will the national players take part in this tournament if the contract issue not signed? Then we do not want the SLC to run this tournament with some novice players & pick a team. That’s why participation of top players is imperative here. The SLC should not try to hoodwink us by citing this hallow victory over an Indian C team as the reason to send the same sort of team to the WC because the national players would not take part!

  4. It does not look the right way to choose the T20 WC team because if you look at the last LPL who scored brilliantly there like Thisara, Chandimal, Dasun all did not look good in the international stage. Hitting sixers to local spinners by some is going to deceive the selectors now. Centuries & sixers galore in this tournament hitting local boys. Selectors should note well, the T20 WC is going to be held in the UAE, a spinners paradise. Don’t make those who are clueless playing spinners, captain of the team. We will make a sad exit surely. Selectors should look at the past performance of the players in the international stage. This tournament will be good to get those national players now out of the team to get some competitive games but the selections should be based on past performance.