SLC contract dispute: Muttiah Muralitharan slams four senior cricketers

Muttiah Muralitharan

Sri Lankan spin legend Muttiah Muralitharan has slammed four senior players in the national team for the dispute over central contracts.

Many players, including seniors such as ex-captains Angelo Mathews and Kusal Perera, have been involved in a long-standing dispute with Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) over central contracts.

Several Sri Lankan cricketers had refused to sign a contract with the board due to a pay dispute after agreeing to play against England on tour contract.

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  1. No monthly salary for players in the test squad any more so they won’t get any income until next test tour in November. This is a brilliant way to lose players and discourage people from playing cricket for Sri Lanka. Final nail in the coffin for our cricket?

  2. Thanks Murali for exposing these senior players for their foolish and very unprofessional way they were handling contract dispute with their employer. In fact I suspected this and made the same observation in this forum few days back. I don’t think SLC or SL cricket has lost anything by ignoring these seniors for the current ODI or T20 squads. Reason is players like Dimuth, Mathews and Chandimal etc are currently not performing well or not anywhere close to the very high batting standards in SRs & 6s/4s hitting abilities. Beside Mathews /Dimuth’s recent actions will only be a poor example to the up coming talented youngsters, hence their absence in the white ball teams will only do a benefit to our cricket..

    • As far as I know, players were not against performance based payment system. What they asked was to reveal the marking scheme they were categorized which is a fair request. So no one needs to explain that..Have you have any idea how dickwella got a first grade contract ahead Dimuth? Because I do not have…Dimuth performed well in the first woworld test championship and even got in to world test team, while dickwella only has a few half centuries.He did reasonably well in ODIs, iinvolving many 100and50s while dickwella being dropped from ODI side due to poor performances..If they can reveal player’s monthly payments to the public, they would also be possible to reveal the marking scheme of players too..

  3. Why I said that Mathews organizing the battle with the SLC, forcing every 37 players to follow him and not to sign the contract as foolish is due to one good reason. According to the Sports Law of Sri Lanka any player selected to tour another country by objecting to sign a contract agreement runs a risk of getting a ban. If SLC has taken a hard stance like that, all 37 players including many innocent young cricketers will be penalised for life time.

    Anyway the non selected seniors have got the best and deserved punishment having to live without any income until November this year. But I feel very sorry for every young cricketer whose future income will be reduced due to this inappropriate action of the senior cricketers.

    • Murali has no idea what he is talking about. All the players agreed to pay cut but had issues with a lack of transparency when grading contracts. Murali is very likely corrupt and he is involved with this politicians from this corrupt government. Have you forgotten the ethanol matter? Murali has done great things for Sri Lanka as a cricketer and a humanitarian but his opinions should be viewed for what they truly are. He will say anything to back Namal.

  4. I think Murali did a very straight forward talk revealing the cause of the matter & revealing the names of Mathew & Dimuth without favour. That was very candid. He also revealed the best chance fell on our own chap Hathura to upgrade our cricket. That is the most important piece he told straight. But what Hathura did was instead his born again work & destroyed our cricket. Murali looked very upset on it.