Satire: Sri Lanka Cricket needs an authoritarian president to fight indiscipline

In the last few years alone, we have had our Test captain drunk drive and run over a tuk-tuk. One fellow hit a man with his car and killed him. He was also caught smoking in England along with two of his friends. They were frolicking even as the whole nation was struggling to bear the losses in England. Now, one of his friends has gone out on a Tinder date in the middle of a World Cup and embarrassed the whole nation. This has to stop.

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  1. This writer says SL is not any more white colony but he is more bothered about the culture of drinking, dating, smoking, and partying among our cricketers which is against our culture.But he has missed that Sri Lanka cricket seems to have become Burgher colony ( Born Again colony) and so their culture of drinking dating partying have ruined our boys surely.One of this cult’s tricks seems to be getting Buddhist boys married to their burgher girls to convert them to born again & drinking culture. Mahela & Bhanuka stand out. Short stumpy boys fall head over heels forgetting right & wrong to marry fun loving colourful burgher girls.Sangha another fool similarly.It looks they have roped in Pathum whose mother brought him up selling flowers at Kalutara Bodhi too seeing the published wedding photos.True this has to stop.As long as Born again influence & their girls ,drinking partying & dancing culture continue we are doomed.