Sangakkara expresses his disappointment about conditions

Sri Lanka legend Kumar Sangakkara has expressed his disappointment on the pitches provided for different teams at the ICC World Cup 2019, in a recent column he contributed to on Times of India.


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  1. I am not sure I get this drift from SL or Sanga on the pitches. I thought the idea is you play on the wickets provided. I know everyone complains about spinning wickets in SL but as we keep telling them, wickets always spin in SL as will there be green tops in England. Also, why would England prepare wickets to suit us? Since when did that become a home advantage.

  2. Extremely surprised by this comment from Sanga. When you’re playing at so many venues across six weeks, many of which have their natural pitch characteristics, it would be impossible to get uniformity of pitches. And disparity does not come in just the pitches, what about ground sizes then? In the 2015 WC, the teams that played their games in NZ’s basketball size cricket venues had a distinct advantage over those that played their games in Oz, especially when it came to run rates. Guptill scored 237 against WI at Wellington – does anyone think he would have replicated this at the MCG! So long as the conditions are the same for both teams on any given day, regardless of the venue, that is all one should expect and deal with, without worrying about conditions at other venues for other teams.

    Moreover, if you must go down this path, at least have some substance behind your claim. If green pitches was our problem, where’s the substance in these facts:

    Against NZ, we were 46/1 after 8 overs. We lost our next 9 wickets in the next 21 overs for 96 runs. NZ then ran this total down in 16 overs for the loss of no wickets!

    Against Afghanistan, we were 144/1 in 21 overs and lost our last 9 wkts in the next 15 overs for an addition of 57 runs.

    Against Oz, again the pre-match murmurs were that “another” green pitch was coming our way, and Australia smashed 334 batting first. We replied with 115/0 by the 15th over, and all 10 wkts fell in the next 30 overs for the addition of 132 runs.

    Even blind Freddy can see the pattern here and complaining about the pitches is as silly and as immature as it gets. Either that, or the “green” effect has come into play only after DK & KP are dismissed, and transforms itself entirely into “brown” when we bowl.

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