Sadeera’s spin game—how he finds strength in his weakness

His transcendental ability of milking spin for ones and twos plays a big part in allowing him to score fast against spin, a fact that is reinforced by his dot-ball percentage of 39.46% and a non-boundary strike rate of 83.66. However, strike rotation is only a part of the puzzle. He also hit the joint second-highest number of fours of 24 against spin. His average of 43 runs in fours off 100 balls is the fourth-highest. All told he scored 102.7 runs by hitting fours and running alone, the highest in the World Cup. The four fielders outside the ring during the middle overs in ODIs are more enough for him to drop the ball into gaps and run, and less enough to hit fours. A byproduct of this workaround is the low risk this method of operation involves as his average of 82.33, which is the third highest among those who strike at 100 plus would explain. Sadeera has conjured a low-risk, high-reward strategy to play spin, finding strength in his weakness.

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