Sacked Labrooy attempts to take credit for Mathews’s success

Graeme Labrooy contrary to what others may think is having the last laugh that their fitness formula for Mathews had worked. “I am very happy to say that we (former selection committee and Hathurusinha) challenged him to prove his fitness and he achieved something out of it. Before this I have never seen him work so hard on his fitness. It benefitted the team”, said Labrooy.

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  1. Labrooy’s reputation took beating because of all the stupid things he did and said as chairman of selectors. You can write a book featuring this Labbaroy’s dumb statements to media. He is a joke. No body takes Labbaroy seriously. These guys use media to make them seem good. Charith Senanayake, Nishantha Ranatunga and Chandika Hathurusinhe are also masters at manipulating the media to promote themselves. Watch out.