Restructuring domestic cricket Moody’s priority

When Sri Lanka roped in Graham Ford for his second tenure as head coach in 2016, it was expected he would turn things around with the wave of a wand. Even bigger hopes were placed on Chandika Hathurusingha who became head coach for a hefty package in return for the pledge of spurring the national team to excellence.

But neither Ford nor Hathurusingha lived up to the expectation of fairytale highs and were sacked before contract expiry. There were others like Simon Willis and Asanka Gurusinha who held key positions within the cricket establishment. The anticipated results never came.

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  1. Tom is a great recruit and well done SLC for getting him on board but remember what we said about Hathu – basically we moved the mountain to get Hathu on board and he was a great recruit too. But that basically was the beginning of yet another sad tale with a familiar ending – the employee will soon walk out with a hefty termination package unable to deal with SLC politics – basically clowns trying to tell a professional how to do their job. There is only one outcome here and unless SLC changes this circus act, this will be yet another familiar ending!! International professionals don’t take rubbish from armature political clowns at SLC who must let the man do it job and get out of the way.

  2. Spot on, Stormy. These high-profile signings are starting to look like costly PR stunts. Every time SLC’s incompetence leads to embarrassing defeats on the field, the SLC executive committee upends all long-term plans, sacks coaches (who were once fan-favourites) and hires another individual popular amongst the media, former players, and the public to create the impression that they are taking measures to advance the game in Sri Lanka. Have they reported audited accounts? What happened to the massive debt SLC was straddled with from the construction of the Mahinda Rajapaksa Stadium in Hambantota? Did the State Engineering Corp. actually take over that debt? I won’t be surprised if SLC is operating on income largely from home tours from teams like England and India. They should be prudent with finances and more transparent with the state of SLC’s finances. SLC has blown through millions on legal costs and court settlements from violating employment contracts already.