Prof. de Silva to personally work with Bhanuka fitness issues

Prof. Arjuna de Silva, the Chairman of the medical panel of the Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) will personally supervise, guide and monitor the fitness and skin fold level of Bhanuka Rajapaksa.

The 30-year-old top order batter has missed being selected for the India tour after being found to have an excessive skin fold level.

Prof. de Silva said, “I am a big fan of Bhanuka and will take all possible measures to ensure that he retains his fitness as per normal standard any international athlete should have.”

Last week, cricket fans protested at the SLC headquarters calling to include him in the side.

“There was no time (to make him fit) to join the squad in India but he (Bhanuka) is a player, whom we can rely on for the World Cup and will surely work with his fitness from now onwards.” Even Sports Minister Namal Rajapaksa had also hinted at these lines.

“The excessive skin fold can be hereditary but we cannot have an exception for one player. It is also unfair.”

Bhanuka’s fitness test was recently done and skinfold caliper was used just like everyone else.

Unfortunately, he did not meet the minimum standard required.

“Fitness does not guarantee success but it does help with intensity at which one can play and perform continuously. Less fat amounts to less injuries.”

“Excessive fat is only useful in Sumo Wrestling, where an athlete can’t be pushed out of the ring easily,” Prof. de Silva concluded.

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