Present government has been destroying the sport – Arjuna Ranatunga

“As a minister of the government it is with regret that I have to admit that the sport of cricket in Sri Lanka has been destroyed during the tenure of this government as unwanted persons were handed over the reins of administering the game,” said present Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation Arjuna Ranatunga, speaking at a ceremony held to open a privately owned indoor cricket facility in Walgama, Matara on Friday (25). “Presently we have become the jokers in the world cricketing arena. What would other nations be thinking of Sri Lanka when we even have had to establish an office for the ICC anti-corruption unit here,” he questioned.

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  1. Not just the present Government but ALL past Government from about 2000 onward and lets also not forget it was under Arujan’s brother Nishantha’s tenor of 12 years as secretary of SLC that a lot of plundering took place. Bottom line, as long as you have a Minister in charge of a money earning international sport, the inevitable out come is looting and destruction – just like anything a politician touches.