Pakistan disappointed by Sri Lanka Cricket president’s comments about security

SLC president Shammi Silva told the media after the tour of Pakistan Sri Lankan players were fed up with being confined to their hotel

The PCB has expressed its disappointment at Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) chief Shammi Silva’s remarks that his team felt stifled by the strict security arrangements.

“The PCB is very disappointed and hurt over such comments as presidential level security was provided to the visiting team on the insistence of their board. We wanted to make their stay as comfortable as possible,” the source said.


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  1. I think it’s so unfair to make such a statement from the chief of SLC, when Pakistan has done exactly the same or more than what we have requested from them with regard to providing the security & safety measures for the players and supporting staff.

    When we have such incompetent person holding the chief position in the SLC this kind of unwanted comments are bound to come. Can’t imagine why Shammie couldn’t express his concerns in a more diplomatic way without hurting the Pakistan Board. I think our sports minister should react to this immediately and make an apology. This tour was so important to Pakistan and as there wasn’t a hint of any trouble to our team, going again for test matches has to be decided after holding a useful discussion with the relevant higher ups in the govt (on security), sports minister, coaching staff and the players. Better the minister requests Shammi to keep his mouth shut on this matter.

    Shammi made another stupid comment during a press conference when he said that the players should not come for tours with their wives. What are his tour managers doing during the tours & it is their responsibility to look after the disciplines among the players. Even attending to social matters has to be done according to the rules and guidelines provided to the players. But there should be good managers to control these issues.

  2. Oh goodness! The idiot Shammi back to his old tricks again. Can someone sit him down and explain to him that he is terribly underwhelming in this role and he should take up another job which requires zero intelligence?

  3. Its terrible from Srilanka. We welcomed them warmly here and they donot complain anything during their smooth tour and when they reached home, their Chief made such irresponsible statement. We gave you the security that was not even given to the royal couple of Britain currntly on tour of Pakistan. You were given the security of 11000 personels while the royal couple is just given 1000 security personels. We give you more value but we are now little ashamed

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