Pathum Nissanka is scoring runs, but should he be in the T20I team?

What Nissanka does with the T20I team is the easiest job any batsman can ask for. Any half-decent batsman should be able to consistently rack up good scores if they are allowed to open the batting on truer wickets and are given the luxury of eliminating risks altogether from their game. That being so, what he has done so far in T20Is is nothing to drool over.

When a batsman is going to bat through most parts of an innings without taking too many risks, they are naturally going to score the bulk of the runs. Unless we have other batsmen facing the same number of balls during similar phases, we will not know how well an anchor has fared. Besides, one batsman holding one end up would force batsmen at the other end to take undue risks to offset the slow scoring and that would result in batsmen losing their wickets. Losing wickets would not only force the anchor to slow down further but will also vindicate his approach in the first place. It becomes a dangerous feedback loop.

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  1. Apart from Pathum, Do we have noticed any other batsmen that go through the first 6 overs and score better than the runner ball consistently?
    For the T20 world cup this year, we need a Good opening batter like Pathum who can able to do above with the moving ball.

  2. This question is unnecessary. Given the state the Srikanka cricket is in we need Pathum. And he is the only one showing consistency. Clearly he is given a role and doing that very well. Even Ruturaj Gaikward plays same style and everyone praises him even though he has not proven his ability in international ground.

  3. Yes, I too think that this question is unnecessary to raise at this very difficult phase that our cricket is going through. Due to the mistakes of SLC administrators, selectors, technical committee, coaches and also some players, SL cricket standard has gone down to a very low value that we have not witnessed before.

    Pathum is the only SL batsman who is consistently performing in two formats. In less than a year after starting to play T20 matches, he has increased his SR to 117% (although he need little improvement). More over out of all other 8 batters playing T20Is, he has the highest innings average of 29.6 which must be commended by every one. We need a minimum of one technically very sound batter in the line up preferably an opener who is able to face the maximum number of deliveries to play an anchor role and Pathum is the perfect player for that, even with his present statistical records & averages.

  4. Any SL batsman scoring runs should play! If he is a technically efficient youngster – yes please and every time! If he is keeping out guys like Rohith Sharma and David Warner or Chris Gayle then sure may be drop him but we still have Chandimal playing white ball cricket.