Delhi is not the most favourite city for many tourists. There’s polluted air and ‘Delhi belly’ if you are an Australian or Englishman and a cricket pitch at Feroz Shah Kotla where the home team dominates. India have been so dominant in the capital city that in 30 years they had played 11 Test matches and won all but one. This was the background when Sri Lanka walked in for a Test match there in 2017.

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  1. I must say I was surprised by the sudden axing of Roshen on the failure of the Windies series was it? We did a similar move with DDS but thankfully he found his way back but Roshen just could not make it. Lets not get in to the whole Thiri debate, especially now that he made a few runs and cemented his spot for life it seems.

    I think we should have pursued with Roshen and given him a decent go and let face it, it’s not like we have blokes falling from trees who perform overseas. I guess its fair to say our cricket has reflected the administration of the Country….just a say story.