Our cricket board simply cannot deliver – why not they all quit honourably?

“It is necessary, therefore, for the Government to pay serious attention to the doings of Sri Lanka Cricket [board] and take immediate action to lift their game for the progress of our glorious game.” Question for Sri Lanka Cricket (board) Sri Lanka is an amazing country. Cricket is the national sport and the whole country stands united only on the occasion of its cricketers on the field…


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  1. If cricket to be lifted or saved ASAP SLC should be run by a Interim Committee with past honest cricketers with a brain .then change cricket laws,cricket constitution to suite present environment, laws to implement for match fixing etc. Avoiding corrupted,betting involved people getting involved with of cricket ,very specially reduce 147 members to vote (majority are corrupted and vote for money and perks ) have correct number of members to vote
    then have proper SLC Cricket elections and expedite the Sanga, Mahela report.
    Without doing above its difficult to save cricket

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