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Ashantha De Mel has already made his presence felt. After  assuming office as Chief Selector, he has plainly stated his piece. De Mel being  De Mel, no one expects him to be otherwise. There are many statements attributed to him which resonate  favourably with us. Firstly, about presenting dust bowls as Test pitches. That  our urgings to prepare sporting wickets which offered a fair deal to everyone  (including fast bowlers) fell on deaf ears was regrettable, but understandable…

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  1. Couldn’t agree more with de Mel. Doctoring pitches to this extent is a blight on the game, though it must me said that it’s not just sub-continental countries that go down this path now. Also, having prepared turners from ball one against England, why you would select Lakmal in the XI is plain stupid. It’s not like he is Mike Brearley as a captain.

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