Muttiah Muralitharan on the ‘challenge’ of his disputed biopic

Former Sri Lankan cricketing great Muttiah Muralitharan says a planned film about his life will be released, despite a massive backlash in south India which caused the lead actor to quit. The BBC’s Nalini Sivathasan speaks to him and explains the controversy around the film.

“I’ve been in so many controversies, not just cricketing. I have got through hurdles. This is just one of the many challenges I’ve faced,” says the 48-year-old of the uproar around the film.

A member of Sri Lanka’s minority Tamils, Muralitharan defied the odds to make it on to the national team during a long civil war between Tamil separatists and the Sinhalese-majority security forces.

Then, he battled controversy over his bowling action – he was famously no-balled for “chucking” in Australia – to become one of the most formidable bowlers the cricketing world has ever seen.

However the biopic of his life – entitled 800, a reference to his record-breaking 800 Test match wickets – may be his biggest obstacle yet…

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