‘I need more time to make up my mind’ – Roshan Mahanama

Speaking to the Sunday Times Mahanama said, “I need more time to make up my mind. There are more than one angle to ascertain. It is difficult task one should be certain that all angles covered properly. At the same time we also must see how the ICC would react to this situation. This is one hurdle that has to be cleared initially.”

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  1. Mahanama can do the whole of SL a huge favor if he accepts on the basis that the constitution of SLC will be change to take out the 147 votes for office bearers AND take out politicians from the game. The Minister cannot appoint selectors and then requires the squad selected by the selectors he appointed to be approved by the Minister! We are not all this stupid surely?

    Mahanama is the right man but not is he is going to be used by the politicians to ‘white wash’ their looting. Under no circumstances should Mahaname just accept and the current conditions where politicians who no nothing about the game or administration tell us how to run the game. That is a joke which is no longer funny and must come to an end. If the politicians don’t want to change anything, credible folks like Mahanam should stay away and the let the looters loot till there is nothing left to loot!

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